Friday, 20 November 2009 07:34
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When Blake moved to Berkeley, he gave himself a project - 100 words about 100 bikes in 100 days. Today he logged his 100th entry:
This is known as a proud mom moment...

My son amazes me

Wednesday, 19 August 2009 16:25
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His latest project:
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April 30th, 2009

Blake was accepted into UCBerkeley School of Letters and Science.

This is his dream - more than any of the others and he did this on his own. has a 4.0 at a city college and will transfer as a Junior in the Fall. Some of the people who went there: Errol Morris, Philip Dick, Joan Didion, Jack London, David Brower and the creator of Dilbert.

Savoring this one!
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Bruce and Mike Ness of Social D? Hell yeah!For Blakes 16th Birthday, I took him and his buddies to the HOB to see Social Distortion. Last night, Mike N. showed up at the Springsteen gig. must have been magic!


Today started at 7:30 at work.pulling long days and Saturdays until May 1 - we have to have the place packed up.
pep talk for the team - we went for tacos today together. We will get this done and hold our heads high when we lock the door and go our different ways.

Marc and Susan coming for chili and poker tomorrow night - Simon called me at work and asked me to make him a Key Lime pie. I dont do pie well. He then told me he had picked up the ingredients. So... I just made it. looks ok - will chill overnight. Fingers crossed. Sweet guy - that Simon.

Blake made me a mix CD called 'Soft Jams for Hard Times' with great new songs from bands I dont know. really great stuff.

Feeling ok now. gonna go see what I can get into now....
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I have one big Grateful. Blake, my son, who has been going to LACC for almost 2 years now, returning to academia after being in a hardcore band for 4 years is on the deans list. Has been on the deans list since his first semester there and has a 4.0 GPA.
Further to that, he heard today from one of the 3 schools he applied for transfer to. He was accepted into UCI into their Literary Journalism program. This is the child( that struggled through school, who was diagnosed with dyslexia and who barely graduated from High School.

Now there are two other schools that he is waiting to hear from, but the program at UCI is one that excites him, and will challenge him further.
I hope tonight he is just feeling damn good about himself and understanding what he has accomplished and that he is only beginning. He can be really hard on himself.

Actually I have 2 gratefuls - the other is when he tells his Grandmas. My mom and step dad will dance. His paternal Grandmother will just beam. His paternal Grandfather just passed 2 weeks ago and this news will bring his Grandma K so much joy.
I am blessed to get to see this happen for him.


Monday, 16 June 2008 21:56
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oh this is a sweet quiet one.
Blake and his girlfriend got back from backpacking in peru yesterday and we had dinner with them tonight. oh, they are glowing with their adventures and stories and what they experienced... they also are smitten with each other.
brought us presents and are are planning a 'slide show' evening with their photos. such joy to be around them..
simon took me camping up in the mountains and i cried for my kitty, then i cried some more - had the blues for a bit, but the crisp air and blue sky lifted my spirits.
we have decided to get another cat, so as not to leave our 'kitten', the infamous 'doodle' bereft. simon has the idea that he wants two more. should we get two more and be the crazy cat people?

i had love emails, calls, flowers, cupcakes, candles and well wishes all day. i really hate a fuss but am quite touched.
talked to my sis and niece and nephew. melted my heart.
simon gave me some decadent perfume that makes me want to wear black lace. this photo was taken a few weeks ago - i did not know he took this - he sent it to me as i was worried that i did not have photos of ms. heloise.

i am, however, fat as a house and have vowed to get this weight off.
all in all really blessed. and grateful for it.

how cool is this

Tuesday, 3 June 2008 22:29
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my boy is on his way to Peru with his girlfriend to backpack in the ruins.

I am so impressed with them for doing this. makes my heart sing.
we went to the Korean spa and sauna'd cheap and then went to Phillipes for a french dip.
i had lemonade and am now sipping a hot chocolate.
this weekend was not great - too much work and i had bad headaches.
we are getting the groove back though.

book club

Wednesday, 2 April 2008 22:09
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I really enjoy the hell out of my book club.
goddesses and all bless my hairdresser for putting together a group of interesting, strong outspoken women who live with gusto and read voraciously.

we used to meet at the salon, but started meeting at our homes and making dinner. anywhere from 6 -12 of us on any given month. Even if you dont finish the book, you still come.

its refreshing and wonderful to hang with a group that are different from you and each other and who care passionately about books.

i also took my crew at work to lunch today at the Homegirl Cafe downtown and it was sublime.

It is also raining tonight and it smell wonderful and I did not get a migraine.
We all heard from our doctors and simon is doing ok,Blake got some meds but he is ok too and i do NOT have
some awful bladder disease, just an obscure bacteria that i need to zap hard with antibiotics. they (antibiotics) suck and i hate them but its so much better then the interstitial cystitus that the doctor was afraid i had.

I am tired now, but just want to go on record as having a fine Wednesday.


Sunday, 2 March 2008 12:26
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Great Yoga class.
found some great shoes on ebay and got a deal beyond...
yesterday we just wandered about for a bit, had breakfast, hung with our friends and laughed til the wee hours.
Simon helped me garden this AM - so pretty out today -
about to go have a wander myself while Simon is at his writers group.
Blake is going to backpack in Peru in the summer with a friend. I am thrilled for him - he will do a 4 day hike to Macchu Picchu - we have always talked about that and now he is planning it! getting his passport renewed, getting the shots he will need, saving for a good pack and bag...
His articles are being printed in his paper regularly - this is a good time for him - he is on fire and i just love watching him go.
going to make gumbo tonight.

so, I have Jury duty. tomorrow i have to be at the courthouse downtown at 7:45AM. no cell phone, no computer.
then i Sit and wait for my number to be called. if its called, things may get interesting. if not, that is it and i dont have to do this for another 2 years.

Susan gave me a brilliant stack of books last night to keep me company tomorrow:
The Last Days of Henry VIII (for the history geek in me)
The Devils Gentleman ( a great non fiction crime novel)
March ( the story of the absent father in Little Women - won a Pulitzer and looks lush too!)

v. happy for the moment. v.grateful. Om Shanti.
Praise the Goddess.
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wrote this today:

I know its kind of over the top but I though it was interesting research.

History is determined by those who write it. This is why I like tattoos. I
know that they are an unchanging documentation of the choices I have made.
My tattoos are my history; I put them on my body to force me to remember.
Personal perspective denies me the ability to act recklessly in situations
where I should know better. Without history my body would be covered with
indelible bookmarks that look like painful, embarrassing and ugly scars.
America has a bad habit of forgetting why they got their tattoos. At 11a.m.
on the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918, the world sat in history’s tattoo
parlor as the most violent and ugly war we had ever known ended. The month,
time and day were buzz sawed into America’s biceps so she would know better
than to flex them for reckless reasons. Armistice day sounds like something
permanent and humble, it sounds like a moment when this country could
remember a violent drunken mistake and the sobering repercussions of 8
million lives lost.
President Eisenhower established the first Veterans Day on November 11,
1954 in order to give all of those killed in American War’s a day of
remembrance. The exact language he used was, “the United States has been
involved in two other great military conflicts, which have added millions of
veterans living and dead to the honor rolls of this Nation.” If our history
were skin the tattoo terminology that would be used for this new ink would
be a “cover up.” A cover up is a new tattoo placed on top of an old tattoo
in order to space on the body. I don’t have any cover-ups.
Today my neighborhood smells like America, like Bar-Be-Q’s, gasoline and
working class liberties. There are no reminders of our inability to stop
ourselves from resorting back to violence. The most I have seen of the
military in my neighborhood in the last week were a few recruiters trying to
sell death to the many first generation Americans who live here. I wonder if
they tell the new recruits that over 25% of the deaths in Iraq have come
from minorities. I wonder if when the decision was made to invade Iraq the
powers at be thought about the resignation this country made in 1918 to
never let a death toll go unchecked or if it realized that most of America
has forgotten. The 8 million killed in W.W.I now looks like a small
watermark on the currency of war that we have come to think of as a
“necessary” means to perchance peace. Veterans Day is an open-ended casualty
cover all that continues to grow with each generation.
Armistice day was a high water mark; Veterans Day is a blank check. This is
the difference. My history is written so that it absolutely cannot change.
America’s is written so that it absolutely can.

much love

how did i get so lucky as to have a child like this who can write and question and think like this? i am a blessed woman


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