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Simon was sick last night and we had a trip to URgent Care. bad reaction to antibiotics. better now.
have been skimming books, summer style:
Started and finished this during our 4 hour wait last night:
She Walks these Hills - sharyn McCrumb - got via - based on a story of a girl captured by injuns = did what it needed to do while sitting in an uncomfortable plastic chair.
the Wheel of Darkness - Preston Chils and Douglas Preston - got this at Goodwill. another in the series about Agent Pendergrast and despite the Buddhist bent, was disappointed. Normally LOVE this series.
Salon Fantastique - edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling. Loved this collection of fantasy tales. pretty much love anything written or edited by these two. Especially worth mentioning, La Fee Verte by Delia Sherman - need to find more by this writer.

Now my friend Susan passed on to me 'Angels Game' by writer of Shadow of the Wind. Is simply breathtaking. Barcelona is alive for me in these pages... enjoying every sentence and trying to linger..
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by Carlos Ruiz Zafón - What a treat. Again, Barcelona is the backdrop for a midCentury gothic tale that has all the right ingredients - a Cemetery of Forgotten Books, a back drop of revolution and turmoil, love doomed and love found, mysterious old ruins, strangers that steal and burn books, a blind temptress, a cursed heroine and a hero that comes of age.

So pleased with this - slow going at first, but I devoured the last 1/3 on the way home from Colorado.
cannot WAIT for the prequel coming out in English in a few weeks.

Such a treat.
Good year for quality...


Friday, 8 May 2009 08:24
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The Wood Wife - Terri Windling.
I read a short story of hers, loved her style and found this on
I relate to her characters - this one in particular has an affinity for both the Southwest Desert and the West country in the UK - Cornwall, Devon and Dartmoor.
Her characters are alive and take many forms, mystical, magical, quasi-human, quasi based on indiginous(sp?) folklore - the Trickster, the Hag, etc. Stayed up till the wee hours on this one.

I am a fan of Sci-fi, speculative fiction, horror, etc., but get really picky about fantasy. This one delivered for me and I will seek out other works she has participated in. she is quite accomplished, a painter, a writer, a poet and an excellent editor of anthologies and short story collections. I realized I have a few of her edited short story collections - Snow White and Blood Red is delicious.

She is an inspiration!


Friday, 1 May 2009 22:23
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Royal Affairs - A Lusty romp through the extramarital Adventures that Rocked the British Monarchy. Leslie Carroll.
balls out saucy fun. Just what I needed in april -also written by an american, which helps avoid any royalist bent.

Silly, embarrassing, shocking at how the royal libido shaped the world - Simon calls them a lot of poxy old Germans, but it held my attention and provided diversion enough.

Reading slower this year than most, but so far Mother of Pearl and Ines of my Soul are the best.
Next? want to finish Chalktown and start a Terry Windling book.
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Just closed this enchanting collection of short stories put together by friends of SJ Tucker to raise funds to pay her medical bills.

Oh, I love everything about this genre and put aside another very good book when this one arrived. The short story combined with magic and fantasy - some better than others, haunting and lingering, a few predictable and I wish that not everyone wanted to be Neil Gaiman.
But, I read a story by Terri Windling, fell in love with her style and have ordered her book 'the Wood Wife' on She was the find for me - her writing style fits me, magic and grounded, adult and realistic, but with tendrils of wonder. She is also quite the artist, editor AND she lives in Devon, not far from my mother in law.

Had a bad headache in the early hours and wiped out by the medicine stayed home, woke up, did the essential work and then have listened to the blustery April day and let myself be taken by these tales of what ifs? I do like a good 'what if?"
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I picked this up at a thrift store and am so glad I did. I just closed it and want to sit still and let the characters stay with me a while longer. Joody Two Sun, Even Grade, Valuable Korner, Joleb....Canaan and Grace..and of course, the South.

Like so much of what I know about the South, their stories are tragic, but believable and so bittersweet. Love is never straight, the right thing to do is never the easy or accepted thing. I will wait a bit before I start the next book. I am not ready to leave this one yet.
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Book #2 -
completely took me over. I have always loved her strong clear voice and her unflinching eye in showing us the unspeakable in a kindly way. I learn, am entertained and with this book, am saddened by the seemingly
inevitable prejudice and racism that the human race carries.

Shori Matthews is such a heroine - you learn along with her as she discovers who she is, her terrible burden and responsibility and her task.

Complete. this is a complete book.
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Just closed it. I continue to be seduced and consumed by this writers' voice. I could feel the jungle heat, humidity, the fierce spirit of Ines Suares, which would not be denied.

Fitting way to start a year, this book. Especially in this time when we are explorers ourselves, looking to make some sense and bring back order to a world much abused.

Not sure which one is next. going to let this one soak in for a minute.


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