Monday, 16 June 2008 21:56
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oh this is a sweet quiet one.
Blake and his girlfriend got back from backpacking in peru yesterday and we had dinner with them tonight. oh, they are glowing with their adventures and stories and what they experienced... they also are smitten with each other.
brought us presents and are are planning a 'slide show' evening with their photos. such joy to be around them..
simon took me camping up in the mountains and i cried for my kitty, then i cried some more - had the blues for a bit, but the crisp air and blue sky lifted my spirits.
we have decided to get another cat, so as not to leave our 'kitten', the infamous 'doodle' bereft. simon has the idea that he wants two more. should we get two more and be the crazy cat people?

i had love emails, calls, flowers, cupcakes, candles and well wishes all day. i really hate a fuss but am quite touched.
talked to my sis and niece and nephew. melted my heart.
simon gave me some decadent perfume that makes me want to wear black lace. this photo was taken a few weeks ago - i did not know he took this - he sent it to me as i was worried that i did not have photos of ms. heloise.

i am, however, fat as a house and have vowed to get this weight off.
all in all really blessed. and grateful for it.

RIP ms. Heloise

Thursday, 12 June 2008 13:06
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My beautiful kitty and dear, dear friend left us late last night.
I raise a glass to her..

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened."
- Anatole France

The time is coming

Wednesday, 30 April 2008 19:15
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Well, the cancer is back and our darling kittie has a month on the outside. It has been rough, as one would expect, but she is not in pain and when the time comes, we have someone who will come to the house. our promise to her is that she will never, ever have to get back in the beige box again to go see the vet..

We are alright. one thing at a time.

tomorrow Simon has to have a colonoscopy - i took a personal day off work to take care of him. this is just a precaution in view of his fathers cancer.
I have raged about cancer before in my journal, so wont do it again.
surrounding all of us with love and light.

I will say that the little things become more lovely and important when one gets quiet. like the light through my window and the light reflecting off of my kitties eyes. Late afternoon light.
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we took Ms. Thing to the vet first thing today - (have today off and took tomorrow too. so there.)
they have to put in a tube for drainage, but the vet is a-OK by us. She has been through so much, but he feels that she has a fighting chance. gonna go pick her up this afternoon.
Man that place(Vet Hospital) is MENTAL. The waiting room was jam packed at 8:15am. dogs, cats, puppies, a crazy Vietnamese lady with rabbits. Bedlam.
So now, just puttering round the house. Have to do Blakes taxes and go to have a walk or yoga. really not a lot else. will clean, may see Blake.

Simon is at Home Depot, where he will wander for hours and come home, telling me that he talked to some guy and he is confident that he can (fill in the blank - tile, wire lights, knock out walls, etc.) and will have bags of angular tools, buckets of spackle, sand paper and, I hope, the mop, he went to get in the first place.

nice, very nice to have down time.


Sunday, 13 January 2008 09:04
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kitty sick. been at vets. came home and the kitten freaked out and sprayed all over the house.
its nasty. how can such a small animal pack such a potent, vile wallop?
washing everything down, airing everything out
i have cramps.
drinking coffee, got NPR on.
we are going on a hike to clear our heads.

bills paid

Friday, 11 January 2008 20:47
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accounting done for the night.
boy, are we broke.
its all right, we have enough for the bills, but man oh man, its tight.
we did not need to have a car payment, but now that we do, we have to enjoy the car!
we did not need the cat to get sick, but she did, we took care of it and have to enjoy the CAT!
we are not going on a long anniversary weekend trip, but rather just a quick overnight to a cool b&b in Santa Barbara. i am getting a great deal on it. a long walk on the beach with my baby and i am happy.
we are pretty lucky all in all - i know its silly, but i am blessed grateful to be able to pay my bills.
going to PhotoLA tomorrow to look at art
then going to a book store where i got a gift certificate for xmas from one of my photographers. that is one nice gift, i will tell you.
sunday, a hike in the AM. and then i want to clean like a crazy woman.
simon is off to a writers gig get together and i will have the house to myself for a bit.

ok - downstairs to hang with the hubby now and watch a movie.


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