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Tuesday, 15 September 2009 08:50
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the weather is changing.
love the fall, my favorite time of year.
a change of weather means migraine feelings.
so far, since June 1, have only had to take imitrix twice.
I attribute this to working out regularly, not working at Jupiter(even through I am flying by the seat of my pants financially) and some stress being handled differently.

last night took excedrin and went to bed.

today, I do not have to drive much. home office - book keeping admin. stuff and my website which needs to launch soon. which is fine.

no shoots this week, which is fine. need a minute to focus on other stuff.
more coffee please.


Tuesday, 21 July 2009 21:52
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all good again. great meetings, good edits on the shoots last week. feel really positive. had a freaky anxiety attack on Friday night/Saturday morning and Simon was a saint to talk me down. then with the news about the Cali budget last night, I was really upset again. SO worried about this beautiful state.

Its also too hot here. makes everything drawn out and difficult. OK, Simon is waiting for me. will write something more interesting later.


Thursday, 19 June 2008 20:50
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but - did a lunchtime yoga class, went to the farmers market with simon who had not been out of the house all day and just sat in the hot tub. going to watch 'why we fight' - a, no doubt, cheerful documentary that will make me love my government.

this site is cool:
make up that is almost free. i ordered some and got it today - quite nice. got a ton of little lip glosses for birthdays, etc.
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we took Ms. Thing to the vet first thing today - (have today off and took tomorrow too. so there.)
they have to put in a tube for drainage, but the vet is a-OK by us. She has been through so much, but he feels that she has a fighting chance. gonna go pick her up this afternoon.
Man that place(Vet Hospital) is MENTAL. The waiting room was jam packed at 8:15am. dogs, cats, puppies, a crazy Vietnamese lady with rabbits. Bedlam.
So now, just puttering round the house. Have to do Blakes taxes and go to have a walk or yoga. really not a lot else. will clean, may see Blake.

Simon is at Home Depot, where he will wander for hours and come home, telling me that he talked to some guy and he is confident that he can (fill in the blank - tile, wire lights, knock out walls, etc.) and will have bags of angular tools, buckets of spackle, sand paper and, I hope, the mop, he went to get in the first place.

nice, very nice to have down time.

been a long time

Tuesday, 30 May 2006 21:10
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need to update - just a note but want to get some things out so i dont forget journaling. been working non stop,,,
did get to go hiking this weekend which was so nice. got away from all the bs.
working on the new place. getting to like the area. unpacking, but we are getting new floors in this week, which will help alot. we also are painting - cool colors.
simon won a competition for one of his screenplays that garners some press for him. this is a good thing.
i DO like the new job. the corp. stuff i have to steer clear of = slippery slope working for a company that doesnt understand creative which is all i do. will keep blinders on and save my money. la lalalalalalalalal. cant hear the bean counters... lalalalalalalala.

feeling ok about myself and life in general. stressed as usual. menopausal but still havent committed a felony. got whistled at the other day, so i still have it in my wobbly old tush. wooo-hooo!!!!!
blake is going through angst. may go back to college and leave the music thing alone at the end of the summer. just want him to follow his muse.

saw x3 and was mightily entertained. reading a minette walters mystery which is lovely and decadent.

need a good hairdresser in THE worst way.

glad kenneth lay got fingered FINALLY. pleased that BUSH is going downhill fast.
must wash face and love on husband now.


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