Friday, 5 September 2008 23:04
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hmmmm. . that may be what is ailing my body. will know more in a few weeks.
right now, enjoying a sweet quiet evening. had a soak in the tub, watched a film with Simon and am eying Book and Bed.
going to the annual eye doctor thingie tomorrow am. then using the tickets we got as a gift to go see the Huntington Library. I am excited about this.
Have visitors coming from UK arriving Sunday nite. want to make a big pot of chili for them. I will pretend its 65 degrees and crisp outside. California is fine, but man do I need a dose of fall soon...

book club

Wednesday, 2 April 2008 22:09
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I really enjoy the hell out of my book club.
goddesses and all bless my hairdresser for putting together a group of interesting, strong outspoken women who live with gusto and read voraciously.

we used to meet at the salon, but started meeting at our homes and making dinner. anywhere from 6 -12 of us on any given month. Even if you dont finish the book, you still come.

its refreshing and wonderful to hang with a group that are different from you and each other and who care passionately about books.

i also took my crew at work to lunch today at the Homegirl Cafe downtown and it was sublime.

It is also raining tonight and it smell wonderful and I did not get a migraine.
We all heard from our doctors and simon is doing ok,Blake got some meds but he is ok too and i do NOT have
some awful bladder disease, just an obscure bacteria that i need to zap hard with antibiotics. they (antibiotics) suck and i hate them but its so much better then the interstitial cystitus that the doctor was afraid i had.

I am tired now, but just want to go on record as having a fine Wednesday.


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