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Sunday, 8 March 2009 19:57
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I am pretty sure that we saw a ghost today. We went on a hike up to Boney Mountain in the Santa Monica / Pt. Mugu Mountains. It is just stunning with waterfalls, vistas, wildflowers - hard to get to and one more good place to clear your head. Its is also Chumash Indian land and supposedly where they went to do their shamanistic rituals and sent their young on vision quests.

We are climbing up the trail, not seeing very many folks, just enjoying the views, the clean smells of sage and we hear a horse behind us. Not unusual, plenty of riders. This was different. A beautiful palomino, just brushed out and gleaming in the morning sun with a bonafide cowboy astride. Complete with saddlebags, a bowie knife in his pack with the silver handle poking out of his pack. Tall in the saddle with soft leather gloves, long-sleeved cowboy shirt, replete with bandanna around his neck and a lovely cowboy hat. He passed us by, so handsome and TIPPED HIS HAT TO ME.

Now, I am crazy about my husband and not one to stray, but I my heart fluttered. He Tipped His Hat. We watched him go by and later on in the day, several hours later deep in the canyon on our way down, he passed us the other way and did it again. with a smile.

He looked like he was from another time. It was just lovely.
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Best. Hike. Ever.
Let me quote John Muir:
Keep close to Nature's heart... and break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.

did me some major good.
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in great spirits. work was tame today. went to a great yoga class after work and had a mini pizza for dinner with a good pinot -
simon has a writers deal to go to and had we known it was so cool, i would have gone too. this place looks like a movie set:
holy cow! well, i am tired, have dirty hair and happy to sit on the couch for a bit. he will have a great time and promised to take me later.
a lovely weekend stretches in front of me -
we have vowed to be on the hiking trail by 8 tomorrow - this is such a magical time of year to hike. the mornings are misty,cool and all is so green from the rains!
we will have dinner tomorrow night with marc and susan - she is cooking and i will enjoy!
sunday - simon has a writers group in the afternoon and i may sneak off to a soak and steam(got a gift certificate!) and then a romantic dinner I am planning for the two of us.

i have jury duty next week. have to call in tomorrow to find out if i report.

just happy. made it through the week. The new job is really making me grow. hope i can do it and do it well.
now, just for now, though. its the weekend.

too busy

Wednesday, 27 February 2008 20:38
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havent had a minute to catch up or anything.
walked the rose bowl with si guy tonight after work - felt so good to exercise with him...
ate a salad, now chilling, catching up. will go to be early and looking forward to 8 hours at least before i get up and do it again.



Sunday, 13 January 2008 09:04
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kitty sick. been at vets. came home and the kitten freaked out and sprayed all over the house.
its nasty. how can such a small animal pack such a potent, vile wallop?
washing everything down, airing everything out
i have cramps.
drinking coffee, got NPR on.
we are going on a hike to clear our heads.


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