Thursday, 26 November 2009 09:02
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Here is my Thanksgiving cactus - the original cutting came from a hillbilly lady named Artie Smith who ran the dump in Royal Arkansas where I grew up. She was a dear friend of my family's and I spent many happy hours playing in the auto graveyard and making molasses with her.

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not wonderful at the moment.grateful for what i have though.
a friend, not close, but a friend, succeeded in ending his life over the past few days.
sobering and heavy to say the least.

worried to death about another friend going through and subsequent lawsuit, culminating in court date after Tday that could explode into violence, OR NOT.

Si and i have so much and i feel solid with him. this morning we got up and went on a hike, i got crabby and ended up having a cry on a rock. he came back for me. bless him.

work is fine, but there is general snarkiness - attributed to pending holidays and constant uncertainty for sure, but hard to take nonetheless.

we went to see Ricky Jay speak last night - really fascinating and engaging. this place has tons of interesting free things to do, for sure.

we got hot chocolate on the way home and bed felt so luscious. yesterday was tough.
today after hike, we went for breakfast, unusual for us, but nice, got the papers, came home, simon worked on bathroom(painting, lights, new lino, etc. ) he is great at DIY - i slept and then got up did all the bills and we did some financial forecasting - we are tight, but in view of all the foreclosures, we are still within our means. so many people bought during in the boom way above what they could afford and are losing their homes. we are not going away for tday, but i am cooking here for friends. looking forward to it.

we are going back to arkansas to see my folks and bringing blake too. found great deals spent a solid 2 nights looking for cheap deals that would not kill us(i.e. no red eye.)

i need a good scary book. have been reading too much solid literature.... need some fluff.
si has been going on about one he got at heathrow - pig island. will check that out.
RIP, Bret. hope its peaceful for you where you are...


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