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Monday, 24 May 2010 11:48
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Just got a copy of "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' for .75 plus shipping. You cannot beat that. I just want to curl up and read now.

It is an ok Monday all in all - Just working through the list, and feeling better although sore today. Taking it easy in a good way.

Was going to hear a lecture tonight, but may skip it. have some things to work on with Simon. We may team up on a guerilla film project. Interestingly enough, Simon suggested me for the project. We do not work together on pro projects and I was encouraged by this. He is really trying to be collaborative on all fronts. This one would be great fun should it work out.
that is really about it for Monday for me at the moment.
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excellent day at LAT FOB - saw http://www.roughtype.com/ and http://www.davidshields.com/, Tom Hayden and John Dean. I loved LA today.

This is free. tickets to the panels are 1.00 each. This is the best day a bookworm could have. Publishers and booksellers from around the world have all their wares on offer. If I was a rich woman....but, this has become a tradition for Simon and myself. It was a very good day for us, to listen to thinkers, and writers talk about politics, culture, policy and what matters - Tom Hayden talked about the promise of the next generation, which made me so happy. I realized that I don't have enough friends with grown children who are our immediate future. Those I know make me so very hopeful.

Thinking alot tonight and reflecting. Have made a long wish list and need a trip to the library now!

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Wednesday, 9 September 2009 21:51
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so happy that Simon is home! great stories, shortbread, vino, photobooks, jewelry and an antique camera from the UK! But most of all my jetlagged, fuzzy oik is home..
cool pictures - we both are the keepers of the family archives. he brought back some stunning shots from his moms side of the family. will scan and post.

sigh...nice to have him back, as fussy as he may be!!!
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Bruce and Mike Ness of Social D? Hell yeah!For Blakes 16th Birthday, I took him and his buddies to the HOB to see Social Distortion. Last night, Mike N. showed up at the Springsteen gig. must have been magic!


Today started at 7:30 at work.pulling long days and Saturdays until May 1 - we have to have the place packed up.
pep talk for the team - we went for tacos today together. We will get this done and hold our heads high when we lock the door and go our different ways.

Marc and Susan coming for chili and poker tomorrow night - Simon called me at work and asked me to make him a Key Lime pie. I dont do pie well. He then told me he had picked up the ingredients. So... I just made it. looks ok - will chill overnight. Fingers crossed. Sweet guy - that Simon.

Blake made me a mix CD called 'Soft Jams for Hard Times' with great new songs from bands I dont know. really great stuff.

Feeling ok now. gonna go see what I can get into now....

need to say

Thursday, 11 September 2008 19:13
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some beautiful things my husband has done for us lately. just need to make a note of it here.
I have been the recipient of some TLC. I love him.
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he doesn't say: 'you got sunburned'.
he says:' you've caught the sun'.

that is a nice turn of phrase.

The Fall

Saturday, 10 May 2008 21:52
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I am so pleased I got to see this Film

we needed it today -

i will dance now

Thursday, 1 May 2008 19:48
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so Simon had all the tests today and is a-ok. no polyps or cancer. damn.
he was way silly from the drugs and came home and slept for a good 5 hours.
I went a bought a luscious pair of strappy silver sexy sandals, woke him up and informed him we
are going to trip some light fantastic.

He smiled, went back to sleep. I went to yoga.
just checked all the work email stuff. going to mail some mothers day cards and eat some roast chicken.
I really like it when things work out.

A very happy May day, indeed.

The time is coming

Wednesday, 30 April 2008 19:15
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Well, the cancer is back and our darling kittie has a month on the outside. It has been rough, as one would expect, but she is not in pain and when the time comes, we have someone who will come to the house. our promise to her is that she will never, ever have to get back in the beige box again to go see the vet..

We are alright. one thing at a time.

tomorrow Simon has to have a colonoscopy - i took a personal day off work to take care of him. this is just a precaution in view of his fathers cancer.
I have raged about cancer before in my journal, so wont do it again.
surrounding all of us with love and light.

I will say that the little things become more lovely and important when one gets quiet. like the light through my window and the light reflecting off of my kitties eyes. Late afternoon light.


Saturday, 29 March 2008 10:17
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I woke up thinking about the difference between elusive and immediate. I admire elusive and find myself to be immediate. I really am trying to cultivate the art of waiting 24 hour before responding to anything that riles me up.

I always feel the uncontrollable desire to 'go to war' and rally the troops. 'Fight or flight' as my old therapist would say.

Simon had blackened snapper with crawfish and crab last night with his buddies and got, in return, a rousing case of food poisoning. Sicker and more pitiful than I have seen him in a while. Keeping it quiet for him - not alot of comfort I can offer other than a cloth on his forehead and Andrews salts.

going to do bills now. its nice and overcast. If he feels better later, I can work in the balcony as planned(its off the sickroom - I mean bedroom).

Cafe Aroma

Monday, 17 March 2008 20:18
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If you ever find yourself in Idyllwild, treat yourself and go here:
for a glass of wine, dinner or breakfast if you want.
here is why:
there is a woman who plays guitar on saturday afternoons and she plays Diamonds and Rust by Joan Baez. it will make you cry.
there is a pretty man who wears a beret well and he plays classical guitar on Sunday morning while you eat breakfast and read the paper.
The bathroom is papered with the poems of RUMI.
they have 2 cats that are better than any tv show to watch.

I fell in love again with my husband here on Saturday night. then it snowed and we had breakfast there sunday watching the drifts and giggled. it was not just the altitude.


Wednesday, 20 February 2008 18:50
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Sick hubby - woke up with a swollen face! tomorrow getting a root canal...
poor baby - eating soup and painkillers.
work? lord, its big everyday lately, but I am getting it slowly....

have some work to get done brought it home so i could keep an eye on the sick kittie and the sick Simon...
Cold and Rainy, but i like this weather -
did i write about this book yet? Roddy Doyles - Paula Spencer - about a woman of 46 getting sober and seeing life straight. just lovely. I read it yesterday by a window while the rain came down. it was a great day off..
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friday night - yoga
then home to cuddle on the couch and watch Eastern Promises while the storm rages on.
Saturday - we must have been beat - slept in.
errands and a great pot of chili.
scored at a thrift store with a lovely pair of clogs with sheepskin lining and a book of short stories. perfect for rainy day.
watched the debates and indulged our political addictions until i could not stand any of them any more.
up early. went for a long walk inbetween rain, home and i baked our French Toast, which is a lovely alternative.
read the papers together.
simon is at his writers group now - its a bath for me.
we MAY go to the movies tonight or we MAY NOT.
today i read about a poet that i instantly loved: Mary Oliver - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mary_Oliver

Yes! No!
Mary Oliver

How necessary it is to have opinions! I think the spotted trout
lilies are satisfied, standing a few inches above the earth. I
think serenity is not something you just find in the world,
like a plum tree, holding up its white petals.

The violets, along the river, are opening their blue faces, like
small dark lanterns.

The green mosses, being so many, are as good as brawny.

How important it is to walk along, not in haste but slowly,
looking at everything and calling out

Yes! No! The

swan, for all his pomp, his robes of grass and petals, wants
only to be allowed to live on the nameless pond. The catbrier
is without fault. The water thrushes, down among the sloppy
rocks, are going crazy with happiness. Imagination is better
than a sharp instrument. To pay attention, this is our endless
and proper work.


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