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April 30th, 2009

Blake was accepted into UCBerkeley School of Letters and Science.

This is his dream - more than any of the others and he did this on his own. has a 4.0 at a city college and will transfer as a Junior in the Fall. Some of the people who went there: Errol Morris, Philip Dick, Joan Didion, Jack London, David Brower and the creator of Dilbert.

Savoring this one!
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I have one big Grateful. Blake, my son, who has been going to LACC for almost 2 years now, returning to academia after being in a hardcore band for 4 years is on the deans list. Has been on the deans list since his first semester there and has a 4.0 GPA.
Further to that, he heard today from one of the 3 schools he applied for transfer to. He was accepted into UCI into their Literary Journalism program. This is the child( that struggled through school, who was diagnosed with dyslexia and who barely graduated from High School.

Now there are two other schools that he is waiting to hear from, but the program at UCI is one that excites him, and will challenge him further.
I hope tonight he is just feeling damn good about himself and understanding what he has accomplished and that he is only beginning. He can be really hard on himself.

Actually I have 2 gratefuls - the other is when he tells his Grandmas. My mom and step dad will dance. His paternal Grandmother will just beam. His paternal Grandfather just passed 2 weeks ago and this news will bring his Grandma K so much joy.
I am blessed to get to see this happen for him.


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