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we sat on the balcony for a good long bit early evening. it was delightful to see them return to the feeder. One dominant and 2 visitors.
its going to be a scorcher today too. have fun stuff to do. all the museums are free today - want to go here:
Heritage Square -
and maybe here - Southwest Museum -

there is also a cool green expo going on.
finally feeling rested after this week of travel and work.
went yard saling yesterday v. early and had great success. got a cool bunch of books, a lovely black linen blouse and a pretty necklace(everyone i know including myself is a Gemini and i have to stock up the gift closet!)

one of the books is a collection of the poems of Hafiz:
he can be quite sly:
A Hard Decree:
last night
god posted on the tavern wall
a hard decree for all of Love's inmates
which read:
If your heart cannot find joyful work
The Jaws of this world
Will probably
Grab hold
of your sweet ass.

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probably one of the best films i have seen this year. stunning. i had wanted to see it and simon was so/so, but friday night simon made a green curry with tofu and we did not want to go out, so we got it on pay per view -everyone was amazed at how wonderful it its.

looked at 5 properties yesterday - phew! put in an offer on one that we really love, but 3 other couples love it too, so we have to bite nails and wait.
last night i made:
fresh red snapper marinated in home made chermoula(my chermoula is the bomb - have been perfecting it for almost a year now)
green beans and carrots in garlic saute' -
lemon sorbet with candied rose petals( i candied some of the petals from the roses simon gave me for our anniversary)
it was divine!
our guests are still here for another several days before they head off to south america - we are going to the House of Blues Gospel Brunch today - v. much looking forward to it.

going off for my walk now - we are looking after susan and marcs kitty while they are gone - she is quite ill and we go see her a few times a day. its a good walk for me though - loving that ipod!


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