Thursday, 13 March 2008

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It is almost the weekend.
big transitions for me this week. i do finally feel that i have mastered the gig a bit. maybe its just that my period is over, or maybe, just maybe I am finding my voice and my wisdom. despite turmoil and drama, I do hope that I have a handle on it all.. My team is working SO hard - doing great work, but really pushing it.

Simon and I went for our walk tonight and then to the grocery store. We rented a cabin up in the mountains this weekend - got a GREAT deal. We stayed there last year. leaving tomorrow after work - bringing books, vino, yummy goodies to cook and firewood. No cell, no computer - just us and the water music of the stream outside the cabin. its tiny = basically a bed, a fireplace and a mini kitchen and bathroom. deck outside over the stream.
what else do we need really? great hikes, clean air - may rain or even, could we hope, snow? promises to be crisp and chilly -which we both love.
This will be a big treat for us both - we have been under the gun lately - lovin each other, but both with alot of 'stuff'. Marriage is pretty interesting - sometimes we are flowing together and then sometime separately. i leave in the am and Si goes into his office and writes. we have different worlds, but then really focus on each other with our precious time together. building something for the future, but we know the score on how we have to be in the moment.
and breathe. always breathe.


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