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excellent day at LAT FOB - saw and, Tom Hayden and John Dean. I loved LA today.

This is free. tickets to the panels are 1.00 each. This is the best day a bookworm could have. Publishers and booksellers from around the world have all their wares on offer. If I was a rich woman....but, this has become a tradition for Simon and myself. It was a very good day for us, to listen to thinkers, and writers talk about politics, culture, policy and what matters - Tom Hayden talked about the promise of the next generation, which made me so happy. I realized that I don't have enough friends with grown children who are our immediate future. Those I know make me so very hopeful.

Thinking alot tonight and reflecting. Have made a long wish list and need a trip to the library now!
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I have been in bed all morning with coffee and 'Fledgling' by Octavia Butler. I alternate reading and listening/watching the rains. I love the rain in Southern Cali. we need it so badly and we are on day 4 now. The sky has best cloud show.

Last night I was driving home from a volunteer shift at KCRW right before sunset - it was gloriously blustery at the beach and as i headed east, there were layers and layers of dramatic storm clouds framing the skyline. the setting sun from the west glinted off the buildings and they looked gold. It was truly one of the most striking and dramatic skylines I have seen in my 26 years here... Felt so fortunate to see it..

going to wander downstairs and see what the Si-Guy is working on...Then a shower? or more of the wonderful world Ms. Butler is weaving for me?

The Scarecrow

Saturday, 29 November 2008 08:30
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a friend of mine on Facebook posts some amazing poetry - I loved this:

The Scarecrow

God's refuted but the devil's not.

This year's tomatoes are something to see.
Bite into them, Martha, as you would into a ripe apple.
After each bite add a little salt.

If the juices run down your chin
Onto your bare breasts,
Bend over the kitchen sink.

From there you can see your husband
Come to a dead stop in the empty field
Before one of his bleakest thoughts
Spreading its arms like a scarecrow.

Charles Simic

off to get my hair fixed - not ready to be gray - love my red! then to paint/paper the bathroom and continue on my tday reading fest - really enjoying 'American Lightning'.
completely enjoying the chill in the air.
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we sat on the balcony for a good long bit early evening. it was delightful to see them return to the feeder. One dominant and 2 visitors.
its going to be a scorcher today too. have fun stuff to do. all the museums are free today - want to go here:
Heritage Square -
and maybe here - Southwest Museum -

there is also a cool green expo going on.
finally feeling rested after this week of travel and work.
went yard saling yesterday v. early and had great success. got a cool bunch of books, a lovely black linen blouse and a pretty necklace(everyone i know including myself is a Gemini and i have to stock up the gift closet!)

one of the books is a collection of the poems of Hafiz:
he can be quite sly:
A Hard Decree:
last night
god posted on the tavern wall
a hard decree for all of Love's inmates
which read:
If your heart cannot find joyful work
The Jaws of this world
Will probably
Grab hold
of your sweet ass.

what i wish

Sunday, 27 April 2008 20:28
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That i could write. I saw some wonderful things this weekend and even though i have been wicked ill with a migraine, i have had a great time.
yesterday we went to the book fair and saw Arianna Huffington and a panel of truly smart people talk about the election. today we saw a writer read - alistair McCartney - The end of the world book.
now eating some smoked tofu with hubby.
wicked hot. fires burning on the hiking trail we were on last sunday..
portents of the summer? hope not.
hope that this spate of headaches leaves me. its been fucking miserable. i took the meds yesterday am, but did not want them today and just gobbled ibuprofen. feeling better now. fingers crossed.

have a big week. will write later.

book club

Wednesday, 2 April 2008 22:09
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I really enjoy the hell out of my book club.
goddesses and all bless my hairdresser for putting together a group of interesting, strong outspoken women who live with gusto and read voraciously.

we used to meet at the salon, but started meeting at our homes and making dinner. anywhere from 6 -12 of us on any given month. Even if you dont finish the book, you still come.

its refreshing and wonderful to hang with a group that are different from you and each other and who care passionately about books.

i also took my crew at work to lunch today at the Homegirl Cafe downtown and it was sublime.

It is also raining tonight and it smell wonderful and I did not get a migraine.
We all heard from our doctors and simon is doing ok,Blake got some meds but he is ok too and i do NOT have
some awful bladder disease, just an obscure bacteria that i need to zap hard with antibiotics. they (antibiotics) suck and i hate them but its so much better then the interstitial cystitus that the doctor was afraid i had.

I am tired now, but just want to go on record as having a fine Wednesday.


Sunday, 2 March 2008 12:26
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Great Yoga class.
found some great shoes on ebay and got a deal beyond...
yesterday we just wandered about for a bit, had breakfast, hung with our friends and laughed til the wee hours.
Simon helped me garden this AM - so pretty out today -
about to go have a wander myself while Simon is at his writers group.
Blake is going to backpack in Peru in the summer with a friend. I am thrilled for him - he will do a 4 day hike to Macchu Picchu - we have always talked about that and now he is planning it! getting his passport renewed, getting the shots he will need, saving for a good pack and bag...
His articles are being printed in his paper regularly - this is a good time for him - he is on fire and i just love watching him go.
going to make gumbo tonight.

so, I have Jury duty. tomorrow i have to be at the courthouse downtown at 7:45AM. no cell phone, no computer.
then i Sit and wait for my number to be called. if its called, things may get interesting. if not, that is it and i dont have to do this for another 2 years.

Susan gave me a brilliant stack of books last night to keep me company tomorrow:
The Last Days of Henry VIII (for the history geek in me)
The Devils Gentleman ( a great non fiction crime novel)
March ( the story of the absent father in Little Women - won a Pulitzer and looks lush too!)

v. happy for the moment. v.grateful. Om Shanti.
Praise the Goddess.


Wednesday, 20 February 2008 18:50
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Sick hubby - woke up with a swollen face! tomorrow getting a root canal...
poor baby - eating soup and painkillers.
work? lord, its big everyday lately, but I am getting it slowly....

have some work to get done brought it home so i could keep an eye on the sick kittie and the sick Simon...
Cold and Rainy, but i like this weather -
did i write about this book yet? Roddy Doyles - Paula Spencer - about a woman of 46 getting sober and seeing life straight. just lovely. I read it yesterday by a window while the rain came down. it was a great day off..
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by Sara Gruen. Just finished it. wonderful, wonderful book - please have a read if you love good stories, lyrical history, and animals.
off to make dinner now.
we say In Brujes last night - excellent, most excellent film - who knew that Colin Farrell could be funny? the writing - brilliant.
all in all - we have been quite entertained this weekend!

(no subject)

Thursday, 3 January 2008 22:47
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i have so much to write about.
want to get just a few lines in.
reading this -
it is so beautiful - the language and writing just take me there. what a gift.
the holidays were dreamy - off to the south to snow believe it or not and a good visit with my folks with no tv, internet or cell phones on the farm. we hiked every day, read a bunch, played games and sat by the fire. And cooked. Lord how we cooked - ham, turkey, i made butternut squash curry soup, which i think is the perfect food. from one squash you can feed 5 or more people and get them all the anti-oxidants, vitamins, etc. they need. and its yummy too.
Plus my boy came with and had a great time - i was the luckiest woman in the world and dont think i dont know it. everyone together and healthy. Blessed.

still more dramarama at work. not bad, just changes. i am in a good place with it all and count blessings.
Simon feeling good despite the strike - has scripts on the desks of a great manager and agent, he is feeling positive about everything too.

the storms are supposed to roll in 'round midnight - we could get 10 inches in the next 3 days. the drought could be over.
Oh. and John Edwards is still a contender. He could win, you know.
i am fat as a house and working out like mad to compensate.
good movie to rent: This is Britain.
ok - deep insights and ruminations will follow in days to come. just had to get it all out.

great book

Wednesday, 21 June 2006 21:47
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had a wonderful birthday - details will follow at some point, but MUST post that i bought this book and read it this weekend poolside: Beyond Black by Hillary Mantel. i want to read every word this woman has written. this book is wonderful. i want my psychic friends to read it, my English friends to read it, all my friends to read it. i am going to hunt down all her books which i understand are all different.
just refreshing and satisfying.

meanwhile, working, painting, plastering, and currently spoiling the fat bastard kitty, husband and son.


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