Thursday, 26 November 2009 09:02
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Here is my Thanksgiving cactus - the original cutting came from a hillbilly lady named Artie Smith who ran the dump in Royal Arkansas where I grew up. She was a dear friend of my family's and I spent many happy hours playing in the auto graveyard and making molasses with her.


Saturday, 10 October 2009 14:27
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My mom sent me bulbs.
I love Paperwhites so much. They mean Fall to me and a simple thing I have always been able to do for my house and my loved ones no matter how tough times are. i am just delighted that she remembered. Popped them in a vase and will enjoy them through TDay.

Saturday morning

Saturday, 7 March 2009 09:12
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My former father-in-law passed on Thursday. He was 84 and had suffered from Dementia - alcohol induced - for many years. I spoke with my former mother-in-law whom I love very much, at great length on Thursday night.
She has tremendous strength and in the words of my current(and hopefully last) husband, she is one classy broad.

She expressed relief and the feeling of boulders being lifted from her shoulders. There will be a military service for him Monday in Hot Springs at Gross Funeral home(yes, that is truly the name of the Funeral Home).. He was much decorated. We sent a donation to the Veterans Memorial. He would like that.

My son may go, but he said goodbye to his grandad a while back.

Carl was wonderful to me - often drunk off his ass - doing things like sending me multiple arrangements on Mothers day because I was the mother of his favorite grandson and had the grace to deliver said grandson on Carls Birthday - August 7. I am sitting beside a peace lily I have had for over 10 years that he sent to me.

One time, well in his cups, he ordered and had delivered a butter yellow caddy convertible to his wife. It was stunning and the only one in Hot Springs. When she got it, she drove it right back to the dealership and chewed the ass off the salesman, whom she had known since he was born. It was a glorious incident.

She is the most Catholic woman I know and ran the churchs' charity shop for 30 years or more. When I brought Simon home to meet my parents, she took us to dinner and told him that she was approved. This was a big deal as I had divorced her son many years ago in a rather acrimonious fashion. She helped me keep custody of Blake and I have stayed close to her.

She has been taking care of Carl for years and now she has her life back. I bet she sleeps better than she has for a long time.


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