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for real!

Free Breakfast at Denny's on Tuesday
[2009-02-02] At the end of its Super Bowl ad, Denny's (NASDAQ: DENN - News) surprised millions of Americans by offering a free Grand Slam breakfast to anyone who visits its restaurants across America between 6 a.m. and 2 p.m. on Tuesday, February 3. Denny's Super Bowl ad, broadcast in the third quarter of the game, was seen by millions of viewers in the U.S. The company anticipates that up to two million consumers will take advantage of the free Grand Slam offer.
"The Grand Slam has always been a Denny's favorite," says Nelson Marchioli, CEO, Denny's. "This free offer is our way of re-acquainting America with Denny's real breakfast and with the Denny's brand. You don't know the real Denny's unless you've been in our restaurants lately, experiencing the quality of our new menu items and our service first-hand."
Denny's free Grand Slam offer kicks off the brand's 'Year of the Grand Slam.' Introduced in 1977, the Grand Slam breakfast is one of Denny's best-known and best-selling products.
Consumers who take advantage of the Denny's free offer will get another great surprise: A bounceback coupon booklet that will give guests great deals, including offers for additional free menu items with purchases. Also, in conjunction with the free Grand Slam on Tuesday, Denny's guests will be able to "Slam It Up" by adding any two additional items for 99 cents each.


Wednesday, 10 January 2007 19:38
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Blake made me stuffed red and green peppers tonight - grilled, filled with garlic, grilled tofu, grilled veggies. divine. really pretty too - what a kid.

so guess i wont make it to the work out portion of the evening tonight.

working hard. got irritated today but overall its good at the moment.

searching like mad for an economical overnight, interesting getaway for us for our anniversary and i am appalled at the cost of things.

its cozy round here though...


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