Sunday, 2 March 2008 12:26
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Great Yoga class.
found some great shoes on ebay and got a deal beyond...
yesterday we just wandered about for a bit, had breakfast, hung with our friends and laughed til the wee hours.
Simon helped me garden this AM - so pretty out today -
about to go have a wander myself while Simon is at his writers group.
Blake is going to backpack in Peru in the summer with a friend. I am thrilled for him - he will do a 4 day hike to Macchu Picchu - we have always talked about that and now he is planning it! getting his passport renewed, getting the shots he will need, saving for a good pack and bag...
His articles are being printed in his paper regularly - this is a good time for him - he is on fire and i just love watching him go.
going to make gumbo tonight.

so, I have Jury duty. tomorrow i have to be at the courthouse downtown at 7:45AM. no cell phone, no computer.
then i Sit and wait for my number to be called. if its called, things may get interesting. if not, that is it and i dont have to do this for another 2 years.

Susan gave me a brilliant stack of books last night to keep me company tomorrow:
The Last Days of Henry VIII (for the history geek in me)
The Devils Gentleman ( a great non fiction crime novel)
March ( the story of the absent father in Little Women - won a Pulitzer and looks lush too!)

v. happy for the moment. v.grateful. Om Shanti.
Praise the Goddess.

catching up

Wednesday, 7 November 2007 22:31
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Life is really quite sweet at the moment.
new car - everything we need it to be.
work - status quo, but interesting.
we are seeing interesting things these days.
saw Will Self speak about his new book last week - PsychoGeography - brilliant.
great photo show at the Central Library, my favorite building in LA.
saw my girlfriend Cathy for dinner Monday night and just luxuriated in her presence. taking the time with a friend is like enjoying a amazing glass of wine(which i try to do daily). knowing her all these years and and finding out more about her and her world view is just a wonderful experience. I dont have tons of friends - those i hold close i do treasure.
si has some cool gigs, and is holding up well considering the writers strike. edgy for everyone i know in his line of work. really trying to get him to blog - he is the most interesting, witty writer i can think of(and this is not just because i sleep with him) - showed him some stuff tonight and trying to get him to blog - he can beat alot of bloggers out there without trying.
had book club tonight and truly enjoyed myself and this interesting diverse group - we are all as different as can be, joined in our love of and search for the written word and secrets offered therein.
Blake, simon and i are going to the museum on saturday to see the Dali show - one of Blakes favorites.
so i am rich tonight and full with life and all it offers to me.
things suck at times - my health is a bit shitty and money is squeaky, but i have so much. some guy flirted with me the other day - simon reaped the rewards later that night - we will still, after 7 years, spend a night laying in bed without tv or anything and just free associate about the world for hours, laughing, crying... Never did i think there was anyone i would want to be with like this. I always saw myself as a woman with lovers, not a woman with a partner.
still, i must hold on loosely(to quote a bad 80's power ballad - appropriate though) and not take any of this too seriously. the world has problems aplenty to give us both night sweats. those 4AM conversations about war and global warming and our kids....i have to take the good times and relish, write about them and roll around in them like a rug infront of a roaring fireplace.
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have quite a bit to be grateful for.
simon off to the uk safely and without incident. i will be joining him in 4 days - hurrah for a cheap vacation!!!! we finagled on this one and the fates were with us.
Blake here on a surprise break for the tour. he is coming over and will probably crash here. he sounds strong and happy. cant wait to see him.
my mom has been really sick. she is the silent type and let a bladder infection go to her kidneys. she was in the er last week but is as home now resting and healing. its so damn hot down there and she wasnt drinking water, just gardening all day and drinking 'sweet' tea - its a southern thing.
work is getting better. still wish i was busier, but things are falling into place and i have had the opportunity to do some good stuff. i am so pleased about the benefits. as soon as they kick in, its off to the eye doctor for me and to the dentist for Simon.
took a long walk tonight and just grooved on everything. it was bleak about 6 months ago, but we are in damn good shape now. i really feel like we weathered some kind of dark night of the soul. all i know is that the marriage is strong. i am in love and get the butterflies when i see him. this is great after 5 years -almost 3 married. i hope we can keep it going. he seems to be in a better place. it will be good for him to see his mom, but i know that he is thinking alot about his dad.
even though i am 45, tonight i feel 18 -= so much possibility for us, i have a turkey pot pie in the oven. from Trader Joes. god, i love those.


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