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My boy had a good day. I love his latest blog entry.
I had a great physical therapy session. i do think that the bursitis is getting better.
We had leftover meatloaf sandwiches for dinner. Simon and I agree that this may well be the I love to cook.
I feel better. hopeful.
saying the serenity prayer. surrounding all with white light and feeling lighter.
Simon and i have a date tomorrow night.


Sunday, 12 October 2008 20:57
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We went yard saling yesterday morning. the temperature has finally dipped and it felt so alive to be up early and about needing a jacket.
we got lucky - i found some lovely clothes, some still with tags - virtually 3 new outfits for 21 dollars! there was a lady who was selling carved buddhas and ganeshas. got one for my sis for 2 dollars for her birthday, found her a beautiful new journal with handmade paper and a brand new organic cotton tshirt - for 6 dollars total.

we went to the Balloona wetlands then and hiked to the ocean. cold wind that blew the cobwebs out and cleared our heads. then we went to see Tropic thunder of all things, which was really, surprisingly good. Ben Stiller takes the piss out of hollywood in a glorious way with help from an astonishing cast.

today we worked on the house. i hung some tapestries, pottered on the balcony garden, did household stuff. Simn sanded down the coffee table and stained it AND we repainted the banister. its still crap, we both agree, but now its got a new coat of paint.
I roasted a chicken and veggies and we are winding down.
god i needed this weekend. just not a plan, not a commitment. when i needed to go sit and be quiet, i did.
The week will come and all the petty lists and noise and bs, but how grateful i am for this weekend, my husband and my boy.


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