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Not always but today, yes.
after gym and chores I took myself to my very favorite building here - the Central Library and gave the girl behind the table my ticket that I had reserved online for FREE and sat myself down to indulge in a hour of heavenly chamber music performed by four members of the Los Angeles Philharmonic.

Hadyn, Handel and Beethoven. my heart wept and pounded in equal measure. Such beauty and emotion, control and abandon from 3 violinists and a cellist. For this girl from Alabama, it was a treat.

I think that Beethoven must have been a wicked lover. He understands passion and patience, desire and pain, all encompassing despair and ecstasy. Or at least that is how I hear it.

Tomorrow hiking and gardening.

Happy Vernal Equinox.

I predict

Saturday, 8 August 2009 08:40
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That this is going to be a brilliant weekend. Just woke up feeling that way.
also while having my coffee and internet stuff, found this:


get to have a haircut today by the lovely Barbara, then we are going to a documentary film festival tonight, where I want to see a film on the power of the music during the Civil Rights Movement.

Watching the hummingbird outside my window protect his feeder. They are fierce and territorial - so intense.

Before I take off, going to put some bread on in the bread machine adding rosemary from my little herb garden.
Need to make some pickles.
Also enjoying fully the latest book on the list - The Red Tree by Caitlin Kiernan.

Just for the moment, all is brimming with promise and a wide open day for fun and exploration. Or maybe its hormone imbalance. I'll take it though.
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had a migraine yesterday afternoon. moved my office home.
watched a movie and chilled last night.
feeling pretty happy right now. no headache, no cramps and the depression that comes with imitrex is lifting -
going to clean this pit, pay bills and the first song of the day is excellent -
I love Joe Jackson!

The Scarecrow

Saturday, 29 November 2008 08:30
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a friend of mine on Facebook posts some amazing poetry - I loved this:

The Scarecrow

God's refuted but the devil's not.

This year's tomatoes are something to see.
Bite into them, Martha, as you would into a ripe apple.
After each bite add a little salt.

If the juices run down your chin
Onto your bare breasts,
Bend over the kitchen sink.

From there you can see your husband
Come to a dead stop in the empty field
Before one of his bleakest thoughts
Spreading its arms like a scarecrow.

Charles Simic

off to get my hair fixed - not ready to be gray - love my red! then to paint/paper the bathroom and continue on my tday reading fest - really enjoying 'American Lightning'.
completely enjoying the chill in the air.


Saturday, 17 May 2008 07:08
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'The hottest places in hell are reserved for those, who during a moral crisis, remain neutral'.


The Fall

Saturday, 10 May 2008 21:52
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I am so pleased I got to see this Film

we needed it today -


Saturday, 29 March 2008 10:17
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I woke up thinking about the difference between elusive and immediate. I admire elusive and find myself to be immediate. I really am trying to cultivate the art of waiting 24 hour before responding to anything that riles me up.

I always feel the uncontrollable desire to 'go to war' and rally the troops. 'Fight or flight' as my old therapist would say.

Simon had blackened snapper with crawfish and crab last night with his buddies and got, in return, a rousing case of food poisoning. Sicker and more pitiful than I have seen him in a while. Keeping it quiet for him - not alot of comfort I can offer other than a cloth on his forehead and Andrews salts.

going to do bills now. its nice and overcast. If he feels better later, I can work in the balcony as planned(its off the sickroom - I mean bedroom).


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