Friday, 11 April 2008 19:49
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still sick. worked the day through. left right before 5 - wanted to try to go see the Errol Morris docu, but came home and just could not do it. want to rest up so we can drive to Jtree tomorrow to camp and see the desert in bloom. truly one of the magical places on earth - the desert in spring. we called the ranger, who confirmed that most the camp sites were gone, but we got a cheapo hotel room in case we cant squeeze in somewhere. i will see the cactus flowers and breath that air.

Simon and i went there 2 days after we met and camped - i will write about that full moon and the still beauty we shared another time. I used to take my son there for Easter Sunday - we hunted for blooms.

took an imitrex so now i am stoney, but the headache will leave me.
we have friends from the UK that are supposed to meet us there tomorrow. really looking forward to it.

Simon is bustling about getting the gear ready - he loves camping - getting the firesticks, the sleeping bags, the tent pegs - every thing all just so. The mountain camp sites we love will open up for spring in a few weeks and we will head up the hill on a Friday after work - seeking the quiet and the misty views above and beyond the city, sweaty hikes, sitting in front of a fire pit just gazing. .

going to be a good spring, i think


Wednesday, 9 April 2008 19:57
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everyone is sick. me too.
stayed home monday. worked yesterday but came home and slept for 11 hours.
today i felt better until about 3. i did go to a yoga class, have taken my medicine and no doubt will repeat last night.
thinking about lots at the moment. need to do a long philosophical post that i can look back on.


Saturday, 29 March 2008 10:17
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I woke up thinking about the difference between elusive and immediate. I admire elusive and find myself to be immediate. I really am trying to cultivate the art of waiting 24 hour before responding to anything that riles me up.

I always feel the uncontrollable desire to 'go to war' and rally the troops. 'Fight or flight' as my old therapist would say.

Simon had blackened snapper with crawfish and crab last night with his buddies and got, in return, a rousing case of food poisoning. Sicker and more pitiful than I have seen him in a while. Keeping it quiet for him - not alot of comfort I can offer other than a cloth on his forehead and Andrews salts.

going to do bills now. its nice and overcast. If he feels better later, I can work in the balcony as planned(its off the sickroom - I mean bedroom).


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