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2010-05-24 11:48 am
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I love

Just got a copy of "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' for .75 plus shipping. You cannot beat that. I just want to curl up and read now.

It is an ok Monday all in all - Just working through the list, and feeling better although sore today. Taking it easy in a good way.

Was going to hear a lecture tonight, but may skip it. have some things to work on with Simon. We may team up on a guerilla film project. Interestingly enough, Simon suggested me for the project. We do not work together on pro projects and I was encouraged by this. He is really trying to be collaborative on all fronts. This one would be great fun should it work out.
that is really about it for Monday for me at the moment.
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2010-01-05 03:02 pm
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2009-04-17 08:34 pm

wish i coulda been there...

Bruce and Mike Ness of Social D? Hell yeah!For Blakes 16th Birthday, I took him and his buddies to the HOB to see Social Distortion. Last night, Mike N. showed up at the Springsteen gig. must have been magic!


Today started at 7:30 at work.pulling long days and Saturdays until May 1 - we have to have the place packed up.
pep talk for the team - we went for tacos today together. We will get this done and hold our heads high when we lock the door and go our different ways.

Marc and Susan coming for chili and poker tomorrow night - Simon called me at work and asked me to make him a Key Lime pie. I dont do pie well. He then told me he had picked up the ingredients. So... I just made it. looks ok - will chill overnight. Fingers crossed. Sweet guy - that Simon.

Blake made me a mix CD called 'Soft Jams for Hard Times' with great new songs from bands I dont know. really great stuff.

Feeling ok now. gonna go see what I can get into now....
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2008-08-22 08:30 am
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Nothing but pleased to have made it to today - this is officially the END of a 4 week shit run.
pushing out the negative, sweeping out the dustballs.
I feel the tiniest bit of autumn, my very favorite time of year.
gonna coast through the day and engulf myself in the weekend, wrapping it around me and my family.

Time to get on with it.
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2008-08-13 09:21 pm
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desperately seeking normal.

Havent posted in ages. been working in NY. need to catch up -
want to have everything just be still for a minute.
time to stop and smell the roses.
time to see the beauty.
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2008-04-02 10:09 pm
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book club

I really enjoy the hell out of my book club.
goddesses and all bless my hairdresser for putting together a group of interesting, strong outspoken women who live with gusto and read voraciously.

we used to meet at the salon, but started meeting at our homes and making dinner. anywhere from 6 -12 of us on any given month. Even if you dont finish the book, you still come.

its refreshing and wonderful to hang with a group that are different from you and each other and who care passionately about books.

i also took my crew at work to lunch today at the Homegirl Cafe downtown and it was sublime.

It is also raining tonight and it smell wonderful and I did not get a migraine.
We all heard from our doctors and simon is doing ok,Blake got some meds but he is ok too and i do NOT have
some awful bladder disease, just an obscure bacteria that i need to zap hard with antibiotics. they (antibiotics) suck and i hate them but its so much better then the interstitial cystitus that the doctor was afraid i had.

I am tired now, but just want to go on record as having a fine Wednesday.
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2008-03-13 08:55 pm
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well, look at this

It is almost the weekend.
big transitions for me this week. i do finally feel that i have mastered the gig a bit. maybe its just that my period is over, or maybe, just maybe I am finding my voice and my wisdom. despite turmoil and drama, I do hope that I have a handle on it all.. My team is working SO hard - doing great work, but really pushing it.

Simon and I went for our walk tonight and then to the grocery store. We rented a cabin up in the mountains this weekend - got a GREAT deal. We stayed there last year. leaving tomorrow after work - bringing books, vino, yummy goodies to cook and firewood. No cell, no computer - just us and the water music of the stream outside the cabin. its tiny = basically a bed, a fireplace and a mini kitchen and bathroom. deck outside over the stream.
what else do we need really? great hikes, clean air - may rain or even, could we hope, snow? promises to be crisp and chilly -which we both love.
This will be a big treat for us both - we have been under the gun lately - lovin each other, but both with alot of 'stuff'. Marriage is pretty interesting - sometimes we are flowing together and then sometime separately. i leave in the am and Si goes into his office and writes. we have different worlds, but then really focus on each other with our precious time together. building something for the future, but we know the score on how we have to be in the moment.
and breathe. always breathe.